Your Questions About HVAC Filter Mold Issues Answered – Infomax Global

but that doesn’t mean it’s risky. When humidity increases, especially during warmer seasons that creates the perfect setting for growth of mold. If there’s mold on something like your AC filter and is responsible to filter the air in your home, you may experience symptoms of allergy flare-ups with a scratchy throat headaches, nausea and vomiting. Your symptoms may depend on the type of mold, however, regardless of the kind the mold will never be good for your health.

If the growth of mold becomes excessive enough, you could require a complete new central air installation. So, when you find mold on your property in your home, you should clean it up right away. If the problem is minor there’s a chance to just wipe it away using a cloth or sponge. If the situation is more severe it may be necessary to call either the HVAC or mold removal business.

If you are experiencing unusual physical symptoms that do not have any apparent reasons, make sure you have your home checked for any signs of mold immediately. The situation can worsen should it not be treated promptly and will nearly always appear in areas not seen.