What You Need to Know About Tree Care – Maine’s Finest

Tree care is essential in order to maintain the health of the tree. If taken care of properly trees are able to enhance your home’s curb appeal. In this article, we will discuss mulching, and how to best help trees by providing mulch.

Mulch offers a variety of distinct benefits for trees. It helps to regulate the temperature which is important for plants that see a lot in direct sun. Mulch helps improve the overall condition of soil, and aids in keeping moisture in the soil in order to allow the tree to take in all the water it requires.

Each year, it is recommended to change the mulch around your tree every year with fresh mulch. Mulch will eventually start to diminish its value over period of time. If you change it out every year, you’re ensuring that the tree gets all of the attention it will require.

When you lay the mulch over the tree, make sure to avoid putting mulch against the tree’s trunk. It could lead to issues with insects and diseases if the mulch gets piled upon the trunk. Instead, spread the mulch equally in a circular circle around the trunk.

These tree care tips will remind you to mulch your tree next time.