What Are Foam Fire Suppression Systems? – Shine Articles

It is a system for extinguishing fires that works by producing foam in the event of a fire for extinguishing the fire. The system cools and separates the fuel from oxygen to help extinguish liquids that ignite. This foam suppresses and smothers the flames , preventing it from starting again. This article will examine how to use system for preventing fires.
The fire protection foam system is quite effective in preventing the spread of fires caused by fuels growing. To extinguish the flames, the system coats with the fuel consumed by the fire to cool it down. The fuel’s capacity to burn is reduced by oxygen separation. This happens through the foam that covers the fuel’s surface as well as cooling off the water content. The fuel surface will then be covered by foam to avoid re-ignition via flammable vapors.
The foam fire protection systems are designed like wet sprinklers. The form that is stored runs through a set of pipes and discharges through the nozzles in order to put out the flame. Important to remember that foaming agents and water are kept in a separate location. Go to the above link to get a visual illustration of how the system works. bx7muw8gre.