Simple Stretches for Back Pain Relief – Greg’s Health Journal

The body is prone to accumulate all kinds of odd aches and pains. The back is a frequent area of concern for adults. If it’s due to injury or poor posture or a strained muscle Many go to the physician for back pain relief. Although there’s no substitute to seek the help of a trained medical professional, a few simple stretches can provide immediate relief before the appointment. They are great to reduce any pain that your back may be experiencing.

One helpful stretch is the pelvic tilt. This is done while laying on the floor , face down. Rotate or tilt your pelvis forward, engaging your core muscles tight. You should hold this position for three to five seconds prior to getting comfortable. This is a 10th repetition.

After tilting After the tilt, it is possible to move on towards a bridge stretch. Again, raise your hips at this point until your torso forms a straight line. Relax before lowering them back to the flooring. To keep from further injuries, lower your hips by one vertebra at a time. Repeat the 10 times.

Then, raise your knees to your chest. Start one side at a stretch, then gently pull your knee up to your chest while holding it in place. Repeat on each side. zru6ydmurw.