Simple Pool Repairs – Andre Blog

There are many things homeowners can do to prevent problems. If you require any type of repair to your pool then you must contact a pool company. One of the most commonly needed repair options for pools is cracks in concrete. in this article, we are going to look at how to repair it.

Cracks in concrete can cause serious damage to a swimming the pool. First step for sealing a crack is to find places where you can install Kevlar staples. The staples should be placed at the minimum 4 inches beneath the tiles, and should reach 20 inches in between them.

After you’ve determined the perfect location to place the staples, then you’ll have to make a mark on the wall. Use the mark as an outline to drill holes each on the other. The holes made will help in cutting the concrete out of the middle.

It is necessary to clean areas after the chip has been removed prior to the stable being put in place. Staples are then inserted into the hole using epoxy. Once the staples are set in the hole, it is possible to seal those holes and seal the rest of the cracks.