Need-to-Know Car Maintenance Basics – Auto Trader California

If you are unsure how to maintain your vehicle take the time to talk with for help from an expert. This video will help you understand a few essential things that every vehicle owner should know.

Check to make sure that you’ve got all the liquids your vehicle requires. It includes coolant, oil and wiper fluid. You will need to replace your windshields one that is new if the ones you have are looking damaged or worn.

A low level of oil should be monitored and the need for an oil change done. Stick the dipstick in and dry it off with a clean towel in order to gauge the amount. The excess of oil may be more harmful than excessive.

In order to increase the level of lubricant in your engine, add oil to it. For more information, consult the guide for the owner. When performing car maintenance, it is recommended to check the tires to ensure they are at an appropriate pressure. To prevent any mishaps, take off the valve stem cap.

Drivers must be able to replace flat tires, and then install the new ones. To extend the lifespan of your tires, program them. Batteries that are dead should not need to be replaced to begin a car. yikjpym81b.