My Move to Rochester, and the Two things I Really Needed

Rochester ny news

After living for a year in Germany, I decided to come back to my native city of Buffalo. Though living abroad was a fantastic experience, I missed my friends and family and was worried that if left for too long, I would not be able to see my grandparents again. After being in Buffalo for a few months, I was lucky enough to get a job in Rochester after sending my resume to employment posts in the online Rochester newspaper. But a new job means moving, if I did not want a really long commute!

There were several things I had to figure out for the home switch, so I picked up a copy of a local Rochester newspaper in order to familiarize myself with Rochester news and goings on. I also discovered that local newspapers, as many people probably know, are useful guiding places for finding out about local events and programs.

I moved in with one of my old college friends, who works at a bakery. As you can imagine, she is a bit of a foodie as they say, someone who forms a sort of expertise on food, especially restaurants. Being new, I had no idea what restaurants to go to, but I wanted to show her something she had not tried before. I used my Rochester ny newspaper again to read reviews of local restaurants, and we started going out a couple nights a week to try different plates. We found some we loved, and some we absolutely hated and did not agree with the Rochester newspaper reviews about, but no matter what it was always a fun experience.

There were two more things I needed before I was fully moved and settled into my apartment. The first was some basic furniture such as shelves so that I could get all my belongings off the floor and my bed where they were temporarily staying. I was able to find some good deals by looking through the Rochester newspaper ads.

The second thing I needed, more than anything else, was a cat! But I did not want just any cat. I wanted to make sure I was helping a cat out, so I looked to the classified sections of my copy of the Rochester New York Newspaper and started making calls. Eventually, I found myself with a beautiful, three legged striped tabby cat named Polka!