How to Use Horse Bedding Pellets – Andre Blog

se bedding pallets are a widespread solution for bedding for horses in stalls, and areas for horses. They’re used to help absorb humidity and keep barn smells out. In this article, we will explain how you can make horses’ beds using wood pellets.

Remember that horse pellets should laid flat on the ground in an area that is suitable for them to absorb water. These pellets turn to sawdust which can be utilized to make the bedding. To fill a 15kg bag, it will require between 6-10 bag of pellets made from wood and between 4.5-6 6 liters of water.

There are two options for the process of fluffing pellets. First, mix horse pellets with the water in a bucket and let them fluff inside the bucket. Conversely, you can make an incision in the bags of pellets, lay them out, and then transfer water from your buckets onto the bags. In this way, pellets fluffed could be dumped from the bag straight.

To learn more about how to use wood pellets to provide bedding for horses, watch the video that we’ve linked above . It will show you how to make use of the technique for stables and barns.