Hotels In Rochester NY

Rochester ny hotel

Rochester, NY, located in Upstate New York between Buffalo and Syracuse was chartered as a city in 1834, and was one of the country’s first boomtowns. Today, Rochester is a dynamic, interesting, and vibrant city, making it a great vacation destination. Some of Rochester’s main tourist attractions include the George Eastman House, its annual Lilac Festival, the Xerox International Jazz Festival and the Strong Museum’s National Toy Hall of Fame. You might consider planning a Rochester trip and staying in a hotel rochester NY, of which there are numerous.

Of course, an integral part of any vacation is a hotel. The origin of the hotel can actually be traced back to ancient Greece, who developed thermal baths in villages designed for rest and recuperation. Today, hotels, such as hotels in rochester NY, feature a variety of different amenities, from pools to room service. Did you know according to some estimates, 10 percent of room service silverware, plates and other items are never returned? Or that the largest hotel pool in the world is a kilometer long and holds the equivalent of roughly 6000 regular swimming pools? Overall, there are numerous different Rochester NY hotels to suit every budget. If you are planning a Rochester vacation and are interested in hotels in rochester ny you will want to do a bit of research to figure out which hotels in Rochester NY are right for you.