Going on a Trip With Your Pet? Learn About Nutrition for Pets First – Travel Video


riously. This is a fantastic pattern that’s sure to ensure that pets live longer with more enjoyable, healthier lives. It’s a complex issue that requires the expertise of professionals like the Drake Center for Veterinary Care.

The video was made by Dr. Kathy Boehme in their YouTube channel . The video answers each of our concerns. The video features the Dr. Kathy Boehme discussing canine diet, and the things your dog requires while in the car.

Transporting your pet’s nutrition

It’s simple to become a victim to poor quality meals when we’re in the car for lengthy lengths of time. It is the same with the meals we serve our animals. It is best to bring top quality food for your pet on vacation to prevent the temptation to eat at the gas station or eat fast food.

This is possible with coolers and containers. The food we feed our animals in a healthy way while traveling is more simple. Quality dog food can travel effectively and usually has a long shelf life. Be sure to bring enough to accommodate both dogs and stay tuned to the Drake Center for Veterinary Care channel to learn more!